OMG! Leonardo DiCaprio has Finally Won an Oscar!


This is basically what the internet looks like right now!

In other news, HOLY GOD, LEONARDO WON AN OSCAR for The Revenant! It has been a long, long wait for him and all of us to celebrate this! And since we can’t do anything without adding humour to it, what better than a few memes to celebrate this momentous occasion?! Here are some of our favourites!

  1. Even the bear from The Revenant is so freakin’ happy for Leo!
    Courtesy - vox.com Courtesy - vox.com
  2. Gotta salute him for talking about the climate in his (long-awaited) Oscar speech.
    Courtesy - 9gag.com Courtesy - 9gag.com
  3. The photo that predicted this glorious day.
    Courtesy - twitter.com/clothesmindeduk Courtesy - twitter.com/clothesmindeduk
  4. Leo’s thoughts for the day.[video width="600" height="400" mp4="https://images.bewakoof.com/utter/2016/02/4-Leo.mp4" autoplay="true" align="center">[/video]
  5. Leo’s fans all over. Wait, actually, everyone all over!
    Courtesy - giphy.com Courtesy - giphy.com
  6. Leo is so not going to bed alone tonight!
    Courtesy - buzzfeed.com Courtesy - buzzfeed.com
  7. And this special one only because LEO FINALLY WON AN OSCAR!
    Courtesy -img.buzzfeed.com Courtesy -img.buzzfeed.com

Congratulations, Leo! WE <3 You!