Oh, The Romance of Smoke! 7 Reasons Why Couples Should Smoke Together

Smoking with a bunch of friends is always fun because you share the silliness and the deep thoughts as you pig out during the munchies. When you’re high, your feelings are more intense and you tend to really enjoy the moment since time goes slower. Smoking up with your partner can prove to be an amazing experience too, because the two of you are calm and mellow, and your mind is on a different plane. It’s a great way to connect, it adds the element of love, lust and understanding. Want to know how you and your partner can benefit from smoking together?

  1. Less Fights
    Smoking weed is directly correlated to happier marriages. It is quite true that couples who smoke together, stay together. Studies have shown that couples who smoke together have considerably lower levels of domestic abuse. Now who wouldn’t want a healthy and happy relationship? It’s weed to the rescue!
    source - weedweekly.com

  2. Sex becomes sexier
    Oh yes! Many stoner couples have amazing sex after smoking weed. Couples feel free and less conscious after those weed smoking binges and the effects are subjective! So, what are you waiting for? Spark a joint and hit the bedroom, kitchen, table, all over the house!
    source - mtlblog.com

  3. Chill and love each other
    Every couple faces challenges, a conversation can turn ugly and those emotions come out. And weed can help couples keep calm, so why not have a calm argument? Hear your partner out, come up with a mutual agreement and chill! Now that’s a relationship tip: smoke a joint, chill and love each other. Simple, isn’t it?
    source - cached.newslookup.com

  4. Best conversations happen when high
    The brain just gets into the details of things and expands into subjects that you've never really considered before.All of the questions and curiosities are finally out on the forefront. Why use magic to read a person’s mind when there’s weed to do the same!
    source - huffingtonpost.ca

  5. It makes women happy
    A happy woman leads to a happy life! It is true, it’s a proven fact that women who smoke weed are less stressed and experience a greater degree of happiness! We are not sure how that’s proved (because one can never know the female mind), but this will do for now!
    source - pexels.com

  6. Trust!
    Letting go in front of someone is the ultimate act of trust. When couples get stoned, they’re putting themselves in each other’s hands and truly believe that they will take care of each other! Now that’s a safe bet! Weed as a trust factor? Who would have thought!
    source - sickchirpse.com

  7. The little things
    Couples have things that annoy and frustrate them about their significant other. Not doing the dishes, forgetting the groceries and so on. However, after smoking weed, these little things really do seem little! Weed helps forget those things and reminds couples of what is actually important: laughter and love! Oh, weed such a sweet little thing!
    source - tumblr.com


So, couples that smoke together stay together!
Let’s spice it up a bit!
How about a weed smoking honeymoon?