Oh Snap! Fix Your Phone While Travelling With These 7 Ideas

Imagine yourself travelling solo and your phones dying on you. ’What the f…k!’ is always your first reaction. But if you know of a few simple ways to fix your phone, we guarantee you wouldn’t have that frustrated feeling ever again.

Here are 7 simplest hacks to fix your phone:
  1. Water Damage Water damage is one of the most common threats to phones. All you need to do is, switch off your phone and keep it in a small bag filled with dry rice overnight. It’ll remove all the moisture out of your phone.
    Water Damage Source - apartmenttherapy.com
  2. Low Battery From extreme heat to cold weather, everything can affect your phone’s battery life. Save on your battery but putting it on airplane mode and shut down all the battery consuming apps as soon as possible.
    Low Battery Source - pocketnow.com
  3. Troubleshoot a Frozen Phone Try switching off your phone for starters. If it doesn’t work, remove and replace your phone’s battery and try restarting it after a few minutes. This should help.
    Frozen Phone Source - pcworld.com
  4. Replace a Dead Battery Always keep an extra charged battery with you when you’re travelling. If you aren’t at a place where you can charge your phone, you simply remove your dead battery and replace it with the charged battery.
    Dead Battery Source - ifixit.com
  5. Overheating Overusing and overheating are the basic problems you’ll have in your phone. Simply remove your phone cover, switch it off and let it cool in a cool climate.
    Overheating Source - alibaba.com
  6. Find A Phone Repair Shop It’s the easiest way to get your phone fixed. Phone repair shops are usually easy to find around the world.
    Repair Shop Source - angieslist.com
  7. Switch to a Back Up Phone It is always recommended to keep a second phone when you’re on a tour. Make sure the second phone has the required data in it and also that it’s usable.
    Back Up Phone Source - line2.com
So the next time you go travelling, don’t forget these lifesaving hacks!