Oh Snap! 13 Funny Snapchats That Make You Laugh Like Crazy!

Bored of looking at mainstream Snapchats everyday? We are too!

It’s always the same – selfies, dog filters, OOTDs (outfit of the day) and whatever they had for dinner. Been there, done that. But don’t lose faith in the Snapchat app, there are funny snapchats out there that are absolutely brilliant! Our generation has gifted us with the coolest people ever – Snapchat comedians.

Here are 13 funny snapchats that will brighten up your day! :

  1. Imagine this: Kesha and Shakespeare writing a song together. With Shakespeare’s old school vocabulary and Kesha’s passion for partying, we’ve got ourselves the biggest hit single ever!
    source - buzzfeed.com

  2. Why the hell did we ever want to grow up ? Being an adult sucks. We wanted to be doctors, pilots, teachers, and now? We’d like to stay at home and do nothing, thank you very much!
    source - viralshack.com

  3. You know when you’ve painted your nails you walk around like an awkward penguin until it dries?  Yeah, this dog nailed that expression. If these manicured nails get spoilt, the apocalypse is coming!
    source - img2.izismile.com

  4. Okay, we get it. We’re forever alone, but you don’t need to rub it in our faces okay? Sigh, looks like we need to open a Tinder account.
    source - buzzfeed.com

  5. Have any of you ever wanted to make a scandalous sex tape? Well, this hack will help you make one in a minute!
    source - pleated-jeans.com

  6. All pets do this thing where they sit near the window and look outside. The only thing missing is an Arijit Singh song playing in the background. What are they deeply thinking about,  their existential crisis?
    source - worldwideinterweb.com

  7. Art is the best form of expression. This art sculpture perfectly portrays our emotions when our moms don’t give us permission. Please say yes, mom!
    source - buzzfeed.com

  8. Excuse me, here’s your order. Wait what? We never ordered hair soup, we asked for noodles!
    source - awesomeinventions.com

  9. One thing we’ve learnt from horror movies is that kids are pure evil. This baby is no short of being a gang leader when she grows up!
    source - buzzfeed.com

  10. There’s only one thing stopping you from travelling the world – money.  We feel your pain, we have no life either!
    source - guff.com

  11. You’d think being a psychic would help you prevent disasters. If it doesn’t, looks like you’re not a psychic after all! This psychic got trolled by her archenemy – the future!
    source - acidcow.com

  12. This lady knows how to appreciate the little things, even if those little things are yours!
    source - slightlywarped.com

  13. Fortune cookies – they don’t taste as good, nor do they give good advice. But we can’t stop eating them!
    source - img.buzzfeed.com


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