Nostalgia Trip! 5 Games from Childhood that will leave you feeling AWW!

The 90s was the best time to be born in. We rushed from school to go out and play all day long. Oh, those days! Here are 5 awesome games we grew up playing as kids and never stopped loving:
  1. Chor Police – Known by the Western name Tag, there are thieves (chor) and there’s police. The police has the task of catching the chor and then the turn changes. We grew up too fast, aye?
    Chor Police - Childhood games| Utter Bewakoof Source - Mumtastic
  2. Pakdam Pakdai – Remember running around to escape the denner maniacally like a gang of bees is after you? Yes, we did that for real!
    Pakdam Pakdai - Childhood games| Utter Bewakoof Source - Mom Junction
  3. Poshampa bhai Poshampa - Laal Quile Mein Kya Hua Sau Rupaye Ki Ghadi Churayi Ab Toh Jel Mein Jana Padega Jail Ki Roti Khani Padegi Jail Ka Pani Peena Padega Ab Toh Jail Mein Jana Padega……And when our mothers would come to pick us up, we’d be like “is it midnight already”
    Poshampa - Childhood games| Utter Bewakoof Source - IBN Live
  4. Stapu – Hopscotch became stapu. Where did that name come from? *chuck* What’s in a name? How many times did we trip while saving ourselves not to step on the white lines? Best of both the worlds!
    Hopscotch - Childhood games| Utter Bewakoof Source - Teara
  5. Kho Kho – “Chillar Childhood Memories”
    Kho Kho - Childhood games| Utter Bewakoof Source - Agashe College
We came, we conquered and we grew up! #Sigh