Nighttime Naughtiness! 7 Foods To Kick-Start Your Emotion In Motion

It’s time to fire up your diet if the silk sheets and soothing soundtracks no longer add heat to your nighttime naughtiness. Here are 7 must-have foods that will help you rev up your love life:
  1. Spinach – When it comes to the bedroom, spinach provides you with the required energy. Popeye surely made a point when he said “I’m strong till the finish, ‘cause I eats me spinach.”
    spinach Source - www.rosannadavisonnutrition.com
  1. Cinnamon – A sweet, warm and comforting spice is a key ingredient which is just right to add the much-needed zest to your love life.
    cinnamon Source - www.thebloomfieldfarms.com
  1. Watermelon – This juicy fruit has the capacity to heat things up in the bedroom. So juice it up in your diet ASAP!
    watermelon Source - www.chinesemedicineliving.com
  1. Chocolate – One of the world’s most beloved desserts has been seducing people since forever now! Chocolates still stand supreme as mouthwatering enough to tempt nearly any hungry admirer.
    chocolate Source - sullivancountyevents.com
  1. Basil – This occasional mouthwatering slice can easily drive anyone wild. This tangy leaf is not just to spice up the bland pizza and we just can’t be more thankful.
    basil Source - www.playbuzz.com
  1. Vanilla – Whip up a creamy vanilla dessert to serve for a romantic dinner for the two, drizzled with chocolate, of course. Vanilla is the most arousing scent for the men.
    vanilla Source - itheepicentre.com
  1. Oysters – Zinc is essential for releasing testosterone – the sex hormone. This seafood has more zinc than any other food. Noted?
    oysters Source - www.seriouseats.com
  So get your significant other in the bedroom more often with these Twinkies!