Never Heard Before! 5 ‘SEX SLANGS’ You didn’t know About

Just when you know you know it all, you need pointers!

Toe-curling terms from the dirty sex dictionary you may not have heard ever before and cannot afford to miss:

  1. Bangover – Get over hangovers, the day after a wild night humping is known as bangover. Okay? Okay!
    Source - She Knows Source - She Knows
  2. High Dive – When you pull out your penis from inside a vagina and push it back in, in a single push. Let’s get to the bottom of this!
    Source - Women Health Mag Source - Women Health Mag
  3. Shrimping – Sucking your partner’s toes. You’ll want to taste them all! Good for any time of the year, trust us!
    Source - Pinterest Source - Pinterest
  4. Barebacking – Go do each other without condoms, that’s barebacking. How charmed are you? Now, never stop lusting.
    Source - Salon Source - Salon
  5. Pearl Necklace – When your guy cums on your neck. Things are getting steamy in here!
    Source - Lifestyle Source - Lifestyle
How many did you know?