Need New Tunes? 9 Regional Songs Every Music Lover Should Listen To!

Love music? Well, why limit yourself to just Hindi or English songs? Channel your passion for music by exploring music that you wouldn’t normally listen to, like say regional music!

Yes, regional songs! It’s okay if you don’t understand the language just yet, simply enjoy them for their music! Check out some of our absolute favourites:

  1. Ei Meghla, Anupom Roy (Bengali) Once you start exploring Bengali songs, you will never stop. Like, ever! Listen to Anupom Roy singing this beautiful song and fall in love! 

  2. Tui Bolle, Arnob (Bengali) This Bangladeshi singer is one of the best artists we’ve come across and you can thank us for introducing this song to you! 

  3. Tej Loga Maati, Shades of Retribution (Assamese) Trust us when we say that this Assamese rock band is all you’ve been waiting for. SOOO good! 

  4. Aadu Pambe, Avial (Malayalam) If you’ve heard Avial before, you would know that Avial is a fabulous band! If not, listen to this alternative Malayalam rock band and become a fan! 

  5. Kandukondian Kandukondian, Hariharan & Mahalakshmi Iyer (Tamil) If you have been listening to only Hindi compositions by A R Rahman, you have been missing out! His Tamil works are simply outstanding! 

  6. Mental Manadhil, A.R. Rahman (Tamil) Hold your breaths, we’ve found the best Tamil song of all time! We are not kidding, you won’t stop grooving to Mental Manadhil! 

  7. Kattey, Bhanwari Devi (Rajasthani) With a powerful voice like Bhanwari Devi’s, it’s hard not to fall in love with Rajasthani folk music. 

  8. Kahaan Se Aaya Kahaan Jaaoge, Prahlad Tipaniya (Malwi) Lovers of Kabir poetry, this artist’s songs are something you should definitely follow! 

  9. Man Udhan Varyache, Shankar Mahadevan (Marathi) Shankar Mahadevan’s melodious voice has never failed to amaze us and the same goes for this one! 

Hit play!