N to the O! 7 Rejection Letters That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You Will Cry!

No. No. NO! Tired of being rejected? So are we. Do you remember the feeling when rickshaw drivers refuse to drop you to your desired location? That, friends, is the purest form of rejection.

Rejection is never funny, whether it’s by NASA or your crush. We’ve all been through rejection, and it has always made us unhappy. Whether rejection is kind or cruel, it hurts either way.

The wicked thing about rejection is that it’s always funny when it happens to someone else! You know how much we love to make you laugh, so we decided to show you something funny! Let’s laugh at these harsh yet hilarious rejection letters!

 Here are 7 funny rejection letters that will surely make you laugh:

  1. EHarmony, an online dating site, may know that there are many lovely things about a woman, but this man surely doesn’t! He thought the best thing in a woman would be his penis! Cocky, much?
    source - www.reddit.com

  2. What’s the worst part about being a man? When you’re not a ‘ladies man’! Ladies scored this man a 2 on 10. What’s going down, you ask? This man’s modelling career, that’s what! 
    source - http://funnyjunk.com/

  3. Insulting the head of human resources won’t get you a job Mr.Paul! You know that shit just got real when the recuitment advisor thinks you’re scary AF.
    source -  www.linkedin.com

  4. Princeton University didn’t like Mr.Wax so much that they told him their law school doesn’t exist anymore! We wonder how bad Mr.Wax’s application letter was, don’t you?
    source - www.hexjam.com

  5. C’mon now Mr.Jones, you are definitely trolling the  Cadbury company! This Cadbury rejection letter was sent with a 5 pound note that Mr.Jones had sent in his letter. Who bribes with just 5 pounds!?
    source - ekonom.biz

  6. We’re sure the recruiter had lots of fun writing this funny poem to Miss Gertrude, who sent her MS way too many times! Try, try till you succeed, but don’t mail your application a million times!
    source - www.gradtouch.com

  7. We saved the best for last. This NASA rejection letter kindly rejects the man who decided that adding lots of Mentos to lots of Coke would fuel a space rocket! This isn’t your fifth grade project buddy, this is NASA!
    source - breakingeveninc.com



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