My Real Passion: Life!

Hello I'm Sanchita Joshi and I work as a designer in an advertising firm and I am person of various hobbies, but art and fitness have always been my passion. The reason I got into fitness is because I loved the idea of a healthy life.

I started off with kickboxing, then yoga along with dancing, marathon running, cross-fit and finally mountaineering! Oh that feeling on the top of the mountain! Divine! Last month, I learnt my mountaineering basics at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute where I trained and trekked on rocks. After completing the training, our batch went for an ice trek on the Rathong glacier in Sikkim which is at the height of 15000ft. It was a 28 day trip, it’s a heavenly feeling up there. No mobile network, no contact to the digital world, no worries, just the essentials: mountain gear, tent and food. One thing I’ve realized is that nature never fails to surprise you. During that trip, I came across new people and a new direction towards life. The ice trek made me realize that doing things you love will give you the utmost joy in life!

For me being a free soul is everything. So yes, kickboxing, yoga, dancing, marathon running, cross fit and mountaineering are all my passion. And passion for me is all about enjoying life!