Must See! 7 Graffiti Pieces That Will Make You Fall In Love With Street Art!

Does street art only remind you of the international artist Banksy? Well, there are some exceptional artists that have reached the height of art with their work. They prefer anonymity and let their masterpieces do the talking!

So here are 7 graffiti/street art masterpieces that you have to see at least once in your life!
  1. Smates Great White Shark The best street artists know how to adapt to their surroundings and that’s what Belgian artist Smates has done here. He has transformed a concrete motorway pillar into a tank of a great white shark and oh so beautifully!
    Smates Great White Shark Source - pinimg.com
  2. Replete’s Hovering F-15 Fighter Replete, an artist from Leeds, has innovated a new street art technique by painting onto stretched pieces of cling film so as to create the illusion of the hovering objects. This F-15 origami fighter jet, made from dollar bills, looks 3D from a specific angle. This takes street art to another level!
    F-15 Fighter Source - pinimg.com
  3. Isaac Cordal’s Sieve You might need a second glance to figure this one out. Spanish artist, Isaac Cordal, sculpts portraits into ordinary kitchen sieves and sticks them into cracks on the streets of Dalton. Where’s the art you ask? Wait for the right time of the day and see the shadow the sieves create. Mind BLOWN!
    Isaac Cordal’s Sieve Source - cementeclipses.com
  4. Martin Ron’s Human-Hand Hybrid Urban surrealist, Martin Ron, puts the hyper in hyper-realism. This particular masterpiece is a bionic human and hand hybrid. Interpretations welcome!
    Human-Hand Hybrid Source - gq-magazine.co.uk
  5. MTO’s Le Grande Jeu Inspired by the surrealist movement of the same name, this mind-bending art installation references Huxley’s Doors of Perception. MTO is a giant in street art but likes to keep his identity anonymous.
    MTO Source - tumblr
  6. Mr. Dheo’s anti-drink driving advert Mr. Dheo uses a canvas of a car scrapheap to promote anti-drink driving. The ‘don’t drink and drive’ message has never been so effective.
    Source - pinimg.com Source - pinimg.com
  7. Vinie’s Green Haired Girl This sultry woman is French artist Vinie’s work! In this case, Vinie used the ivy to act as the afro of her doe-eyed masterpiece and shows how the surrounding can be incorporated into graffiti.
    Source - veniceclayartists.com Source - veniceclayartists.com
So, which of these is added to your bucket list?