MUST-KNOW! 5 Pleasure Triggers to Make your Man Hornier Faster

Playing the seduction game? You need to know these shake-him-up tricks for that amazing make out time. It’s time to get handsy. Make him ROAR and get your pulse racing too!

Touch all his passion-zones with these 5 moves to burn-up-the-sheets:

  • Blow him away with breathy passionate kisses on his neck (try his adam’s apple), slowly build him up and then drive him out of his mind. Tease him in circles and Manhandle-Him!
    Source - Youtube Source - Youtube
  • Put him on an erotic edge while making out, suck his lower lip into your mouth. Ultraintense bliss! He'll be so hot and bothered, he'll gurgle your name in gratitude.
    Source - You Queen Source - You Queen
  • That carnal command center, his nipples. Send him shock waves of pleasure. Flick his nipples and bite them slowly. Did we mention, suck on an ice before you harvest your cold tongue to warm him up? Light his fire!
    Source - love to Know Source - love to Know
  • Whisper in his ears and while you are in action, try biting his ear lobe slightly. Follow it up with some tongue skills. Arousal alarm!
    Source - Understanding Relationships Source - Understanding Relationships
  • Tip of his Iceberg has enormous passion potential. Rub your lips against his tip to send him soaring into ecstasy. He watching you work him over? Sensory overload!
    Source - We Heart It Source - We Heart It
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