Moving In with Your Partner? 10 Guidelines to make it Work

Being in a stable relationship can be so rare and blissful, you can’t help but want to be with each other all the time. Many couples consider moving in together to show they’re ready for the next step in their relationship. It’s scary and exhilarating at the same time!

But before you take this life-changing decision, keep in mind a few pointers to make your live in relationship work:

  1. Discuss the every-day details
    Who does which chores, whether it’s okay to invite people over, and cleanliness. These subjects may seem trivial, but can rile you two up if you haven’t talked about this beforehand.
    source - asianetindia.com

  2. Keep your finances sorted
    Don’t be the kind of person who adds a financial burden to their partner. Be frank about how you’re splitting payments, and make sure the house you move into is affordable and easy to maintain. Such issues can hamper an otherwise perfect relationship and cause heartbreak.
  3. Run a trial by staying at each other’s’ house
    If it’s possible, try staying at your partner’s home for a month, and then vice-versa. In this way, you’re looking before you leap, and if it doesn’t work, then you know you two have other issues to work out first.
    source - indiatoday.intoday.in

  4. Don’t let small things get to you
    Your partner is a little careless maybe, and leaves their shoes in disarray. Don’t be a buzzkill. Chances are, you probably have quirks that don’t rub them the right way, either. Get over the little hurdles by finding a solution that doesn’t make your partner feel you’re unhappy with them.
  5. Maintain your independence
    It’s unfair to your lover if you make your relationship your life. If you do not step out and have your personal friendships and separate experiences, both of you will start feeling claustrophobic around each other. Be your own person!
    source - youthkiawaaz.com

  6. Make sure this is to prepare for the long run
    We don’t mean to discourage, but the divorce rates between couples who have previously lived together are high. This is because while you’re in a live in relationship, both of you know there’s no legal binding, so you’re comfortable. If you’re not ready to make this real, then maybe you should reconsider moving in together.
  7. Living in shouldn’t be a test for compatibility
    Life is never something out of a movie. If you two are planning to live together to check if you guys can get along, then the odds won’t be in your favor, since you’re already unsure. Deciding to live together should only mean that you’re past your commitment issues.
    source - gulte.com

  8. Let your relationship mature first
    It’s after your first date that the honeymoon period of your relationship begins. This is where you’re utterly infatuated with each other and will do whatever it takes to be together. But it’s a phase, and soon enough you’ll mellow in your relationship and see things in a more realistic light. Our advice is to wait for this rational part to set into your relationship before you excitedly plan to move in together.
  9. Plan long term goals
    It’s super important for you to have a mutual goal between yourselves. Whether it’s planning on collecting enough funds to buy a better house or for a romantic getaway, keeping a long term plan will connect you better and keep your relationship from stagnating.
    source - isha.sadhguru.org

  10. Don’t take your partner for granted
    Just because your lover and you have decided to live in, it doesn’t mean you can stop trying to be a better person around them. Don’t make them regret being with you. Pick up after yourself and make this relationship something both of you can cherish.

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