Move Over Karate! Here are 7 Martial Art Forms You Need to Try

Whether it’s for fitness or self defence or mental development, martial arts is a practice that you will love incorporating in your daily life. And what’s more? Learning a martial art is fun and challenging at the same time!

So when the time comes to decide what martial art to learn, most of us pick the same ol’ karate. Well, not anymore, okay? Time to try something different, like any of these martial art forms:

  1. Naginatajutsu (Japan) This martial art form revolves around learning how to wield the naginata – the weapon that is used in the combat.
    1 Naginatajutsu Source - 20minutos.es
  2. Zulu stick fighting (South Africa) A practice originally used by herdboys in South Africa, this form involves two sticks (for defence and offence) along with a shield. Sounds interesting?
    2 Zulu stick fighting Source - flickr.com
  3. Inbuan (India) Anyone who is into wrestling should take lessons in this traditional sport from Mizoram. Be ready for the challenge!
    Source - wildfilmsindia.com Source - wildfilmsindia.com
  4. Bando (Myanmar) This one’s all about the defence! Bando teaches one to be less aggressive along with making you more patient. Think you need these lessons?!4 Bando
  5. Krav Maga (Israel) Developed for the army, this martial art form combines a lot of techniques from aikido, judo, and wrestling. If you are looking for something for self-defence, try Krav Maga!
    5 Krav maga Source - lionskravmaga
  6. Silambam (India) This martial art from Tamil Nadu uses several weapons, the most popular being bamboo sticks. Perfect if you want to do it for fitness or defence!
    Silambam Source - jothisilambam.com
  7. Aikido (Japan) Aikido focuses not only on physical fitness but also on strengthening the mind. This one’s recommended for those who stress too much and too often!
    Aikido Source - Youtube
Ready, set, kick