Damn Those TV Shows! 7 Most Irritating Things About Indian Television

Just when you thought that television cannot get any worse, you are served the latest annoying things to watch. There’s no reality in reality shows and no emotions in the melodramatic shows. All of which gives you one more reason to groan.

Here are 7 things which irritate you the most about Indian television:
  1. Family Drama - These shows revamp the age-old stereotypes in overdone make-up and costumes. Can we have some intelligence-sprinkled realism please?
    Family Drama Source - voiceofjournalists.com
  2. Reality Shows - Why would we want to know what fight some unknown actor had with some equally unknown model as they live under the scanner of some cameras? The problem with Indian television is that they take decent international shows and turn them into some bawling household drama!
    Reality Shows Source - deccanchronicle.com
  3. Paid Advertisements - An instant cure to years-old problems, a powder that dissolves your body fat to zero in a week. Such hour-long ads take over some channels at certain timeslots.
    Paid Advertisements Source - indiatimes.com
  4. Music Channels - Remember the good old days when you switched on to a music channel and it actually played music and not #4 and #5 of this list? It sounds almost like a myth now. But that is okay, we can watch them online. Oh wait, advertisements have intruded there as well! Pfft!
    Music Channels Source - Listly
  5. Matrimony Channels - Now you can access the latest on what is happening in the marriage scene in India (because we really need to know that) by watching this channel. They will tell you the importance of a proper ‘kundali’ and what the difference is between a life of singlehood and post-marriage.
    Matrimony Channels Source - Tumblr
  6. News Bulletins - When we switch on a news channel to know about what has been happening around the world, we do not want an overexcited anchor beating around the bush over some trivial story. Add some ear-shattering sound effects and blinding graphics, we are good to go. Yeah, that's exactly what we want to see in 'NEWS'.
    News Bulletins Source - caravanmagazine.in
  7. Dubbed Movies - Now we have to watch some of the best Hollywood movies dubbed into Hindi. ‘Lost in translation’ does not even cover it – thundering curses become comic and sarcasm loses its sting entirely! That is not all – you even see some decent South Indian movies given the same treatment. Gentlemen of television, the answer is simple - ‘subtitles’!
    Dubbed Movies Source - Youtube
Let’s take a moment here for some technological gems that make our lives easier amidst these… err, television offerings. The ‘mute’ button and the ‘next channel’ button. Have a good weekend! Go make some pizza!