Martin Crowe, NZ Cricket Legend, Remembered for His Passion at Funeral

One of the most legendary batsmen in cricket history, Martin Crowe, the New Zealander, was paid farewell in Auckland this morning. The extraordinary cricketer died a premature death at the age of 53 due to lymphoma on 3rd March.

The cricketer was remembered by family and friends as a gifted player, a cheeky prankster, and loving father. Former teammate Ian Smith addressed a crowd of around 1000 mourners, recalling his days with Crowe. “One word sums up Martin Crowe and all that he did: passion,” said Smith, who had been asked to give a eulogy by Crowe before he passed away.

The funeral attendees including former international teammates, brother and former cricketer Jeff Crowe, and actor-cousin Russell Crowe, who were both pallbearers in the service. The legend was also paid tribute in a video by Martin Guptill and Ross Taylor, two current Black Caps he mentored. Rest in peace, Martin Crowe.