Mango Delight! 9 Delicious Recipes to Try this Summer!

Forget beaches and vacations, if there’s one thing we love the most about summers, it’s mangoes! Be it raw mangoes topped with chilli powder or refreshing aam panna, we love mango in just about any form. We mean, they are MANGOES, how can you not?!

And while we drool over them, here’s some dishes you can make using the king of fruits:

  1. Mango Nutella Crepes We haven’t tried the combination of mango and Nutella before, but we are sure it’s going to be yummy!
    Mango Nutella Crepes Source - closetcooking.com
  2. Mango Tea Mango infused tea, anyone? Yes, please!
    Mango Tea Source - southernbreezesweettea.com
  3. Mango Salsa Mix some jalapenos, onions, mangoes, and voila, your appetizer for the night is ready!
    Mango Salsa Source - foodnetwork.com
  4. Mango Bellini Mangoes and sparkling wine, could you ask for a better combination?! We are sure you will be refilling your glass more than a couple of times!
    Mango Bellini Source - curtisstone.com
  5. Mango Yoghurt Ice Pops Keep yourself cool with by making yourself some ice pops with mango and yoghurt.
    Mango Yoghurt Ice Pops Source - allwomenstalk.com
  6. Mango Guacomole Throwing a summer party? Make some mango guacamole!
    Mango Guacomole Source - seriouseats.com
  7. Mango Spinach Salad A salad with spinach and mango slices, topped with a dressing of olive oil, honey, lime juice. Easy and tasty!
    Mango Spinach Salad Source - diningforwomen.org
  8. Mango Chicken Curry Oh God, this sounds soooo delicious. Are you drooling already?!
    Mango Chicken Curry Source - taste.com.au
  9. Mango Soufflé When someone gives you the sweetest fruit, you make a dessert out of it! This summer, try something new and make a mango soufflé!
    Mango Soufflé Source - thecupcakeconfession.com
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