Making Love? 7 Best Places to Hook Up Besides Your Boring Bed

All your life, you’ve made love within the confines of a room. Do you hear that noise? That’s your body yelling “ Boring!”. Making love was once thrilling, now it’s a predictable routine. Why not switch it up? There are quite a lot of places out there to get kinky. We know you’re curious. It’s about time you nourished your wild side with some adventurous sex. Make sure you bring a fire extinguisher along, because things are about to get fiery! Here are 7 unusual places where you can get your freak on:

  1. Changing Rooms We all know how much men hate to wait while we shop. So why not make the experience exciting for them? A quickie in the changing room won’t catch attention. After all, you’re just changing clothes and need your partner’s advice! *winkwink*
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  2. Ferris Wheel Time to go up and up to get down and dirty! Unless you’re afraid of heights, this is a fun place to get frisky. Take your ideas of freaky stuff to do in bed and do it in mid-air instead. Make sure you’re done before the ride ends, or you’ll show kids something very naughty!
    source - your-perfect-inspiration.tumblr.com source - your-perfect-inspiration.tumblr.com
  3. Parking Lot Cars are a balance of private and public. Making love in a car is thrilling, provided you’re not surrounded by traffic. So park in an empty parking lot and blast your playlist to set the mood.Bonus points if your car has tinted windows, then it’s the best place to have sex!
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  4. Balcony When you’re on vacation, a hotel room balcony is the kinkiest place to do it. Try it when it’s really late so your neighbours don’t interrupt you. You can try a few different postures with the help of the railing. But most important of all, don’t fall off!
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  5. Elevator What’s the best place to get stuck in with your lover? An elevator! We all wonder what it’s like to be thrown against an elevator wall. Time to find out, so pull the emergency stop. The elevator ride may be short, but this is what makes love last!
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  6. Office When your lover is stressed out at his workplace, you hold the key to relaxing him. Go surprise him at work and tell his receptionist not to disturb because this is an emergency! You can have a secretary and boss foreplay too if you’d like to spice it up.
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  7. Roof If you live in a house, making love on the roof can be refreshing. Just make sure that while you’re getting it on, you don’t fall off! For those living in flats, the rooftop or terrace will do just fine. Carry a blanket and wine, so you can watch the stars and chill later on.
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