Love to try cuisines? 7 Dishes from The Himalayas That You Need to Try

Love food? Love the mountains? The Himalayas, the best of both. A mix of Chinese, Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan food favourites are what the food from these mighty mountains are all about. Forget those fancy restaurants and pubs, you won’t find any of those in the Himalayas. But what you will, are your taste buds wanting for more of the mountain food. Here are 5 dishes from the Himalayas that will make you hungry. 1. Wai Wai (Instant Noodles)  Wai Wai, the Himalayan Maggi. While rest of the country slurps instant noodles out of laziness, in the Himalayas they eat them out of necessity. Just imagine, boiling it in the water from the rivers of Himalayas. Will take you more than 2 minutes!
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2. Momo Dumplings stuffed with vegetables or meat, then steamed or fried. Momos are everywhere, but where do you the find the best? Obviously, where it was originated from, The Himalayas.
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3. Himalayan Candy (Hard Dried Yak Cheese) Himalayan Candy’s are rock solid sweets that hang at every local shop in Nepal. Made from Yak milk and left to dry and harden, don’t try to break them with your teeth. If you hate brushing then go ahead, break all your teeth. Best way to have them? Put the candy in your mouth and suck….. for hours!
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4. Thupka (Noodle Soup) Probably a posh version of instant noodles. The noodles in Thukpa are generally egg noodles and they come served in a hot, spicy and tomato soup. Originally from Tibet, where the name translates from Tibetan as ‘noodles’.
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5. Ghorkhali Lamb A winter favourite, the Ghorkhali Lamb is an intense and filling curry dish. The curry is chunky and involves slow cooking the lamb, adding chunky potatoes and roughly chopped onions. The best side dish to have with this curry, ROTI!
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6. Dal Bhat Dal Bhat consists of a rice, alongside lentils which are surrounded by different dishes.  Sides can include pickles, curried dishes, meat or fish, yoghurt, and chutney. The variations of this dish are different everywhere, but you must try the Himalayan Dhal Bhat. At least once!
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7. Tea The Himalayan Tea, in demand way since the 1800s and during the British Rule. This tea is world renowned for their tasty tea strains. In Tibet, the national beverage is tea whisked with yak butter. Hungry? We can help you out.
Source - live-less-ordinary.com Source - live-less-ordinary.com
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