Love the Celebrity Life? 10 Times Your Life Was Way Better!

Lights! Camera! Action!
You’ve been dreaming of being a celebrity for a while now. Fame, fast cars, fortune, you want it ALL.
You’re positive you have what it takes – the passion, the dedication, and the pout – to become a star. But can you handle the life of a superstar? No you can’t!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but lives of celebrities are not as glamorous as they seem to be. Sure they do fly first class and sip champagne, but they have problems too (who knew right?) . Where’s the proof, you ask? Here it is!

10 times these celebrities made your life look like paradise -

  1.  Work it, don’t twerk it
    Some of us have to actually work for a living. Poor Miley Cyrus didn’t get so lucky. She had to twerk her way to adulthood which, honestly, doesn’t look so good! When we do stupid things, it doesn’t spread all over the internet.

  2. Dieting? More like die-eating!
    For us average people, we don’t need to follow a strict diet like celebrities do. If we see food, we eat food, but celebrities can’t do that. Life is a piece of cake only if you get to eat the cake!

  3. If you pout, you get kicked out!
    Rihanna got kicked out of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the UAE. Authorities asked her to leave after her photoshoot started becoming too sultry. Were you ever as sexy as a Rihanna photoshoot?

  4. Asking the right questions
    Blessed with fame, celebrities have the ability to make a change through media. They need to ask questions that matter. Questions that will spark a revolution. Celebrity tweets however, don’t really bother!

  5. Posting your philosophy
    Remember that deep emotional stuff you wrote in your diary as a teenager? Now imagine it online for everyone to see and make fun of. Yeah, you’d be screwed. Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith posted a deep thought online. It doesn’t make you go hmmm, it makes you go huh?

  6. Butt, is it real?
    American rapper Ice T’s wife, Coco, was constantly told that her butt was fake. So she had an ultrasound done just to prove everyone wrong. Have you had to prove that your body part is real? Didn’t think so!

  7. Beyoncé Blowout
    Singer Beyoncé once got her hair stuck in a fan while performing at a concert. Glad you sing in the shower now, aren’t you?

  8. Wings are for slapping
    While the rest of us get slapped with hands, singer Ariana Grande got slapped with style. Singing at a Victoria’s Secret show, a model’s wings hit Ariana Grande in the face!

  9. To pee or not to pee
    Fergie, singer of the band Black Eyed Peas was late to her performance due to traffic and had to rush on stage and start performing. She performed for sure. She ran and sang and jumped and... ....peed. Uh-oh. Be happy you get so many bathroom breaks!

  10.  Angeli-no!
    You know when you throw powder on your face as a last minute touch up and run out without blending it? Yeah, well that’s what happened to Angelina Jolie once. This picture of Angelina Jolie makes you relieved nobody took your picture when you accidentally looked like a ghost.


Love your life now, don’t you? Celebrities do live tough lives, but that doesn’t stop them from saying stupid things!