Love Bum Fun? Butt, You’ve Been Doing It Wrong Your Whole Life

Have you ever tried to slip through the backdoor of your home and got caught by mom? Because, you didn’t know how to do it right?  We are sure you had been happily chugging along all your life thinking you’ve got it all sorted. But, there are so many things you are doing wrong without realizing. Like pounding her little backdoor without lubricating!  

We can see your eye erection!

Hold that and Read on!

If butt sex makes you a happy bunny, here are some ground rules you need to take care of. Come to think of it, anal sex could frighten many, is cringing for some, but it’s actually very pleasurable and results in mind-blowing orgasms, if done the right way. Once her rectum is ready son, it will literally swallow up your dick. Ready for sexy and slippery ass sex?

Here’s how to do anal sex like a porn star:

  • Pull out all that poop that you carry in your bottom. No, seriously! Not even kidding! You must shit out every bit of poop from that rectum and it should be clean AF. Surprisingly not a lot of people do this. Imagine if your bae is banging your butt and finds out a hard, left over log of poop! He may turn down even vagina fucking next time.  Needless to say, clean your asshole!

  • Lubricate the anus. Unlike vagina that lubricates itself, the anus doesn’t. Make anal sex extremely painless by using a lot of silicone based lubes. For starters, you can lick her butt, finger the hole and make it wet before using gel lubes. Use lubricants as much as you can. Then stick in your penis, pull it out, lubricate the asshole again and then repeat. Don’t just rush in. Because everything during anal sex feels 10X more intense than vaginal fucking. Hardcore sex, like literally!
  • Bring out that wild streak in you. Engage in kinky foreplay, get horny, have dirty talks, be prepared. If you are turned on and do the needful kinky pep talks before banging her butt, anal sex could turn out to be extremely pleasurable and lead to explosive orgasms.
  • If you just thought doggy style is the thing when it comes to anal sex. You got to think twice, bro! Lap dance position is something nobody is telling you about, but you must try.  The main benefit of this sex position is that the girl can control the depth and penetration.



Wherever you want to try anal sex in the car or at the kitchen slab, do it with caution and for heaven sake don’t freak out, your butt is not going to die. Trust us, it loves getting banged too!