Look Ma I’m Flying! 9 Hoverboard Facts to Know Before You Get One

Ever since anyone’s seen ‘Back to the Future’, they have wanted to get their hands on that amazing skateboard without wheels aka hoverboard!

Well, the future’s here, my friend! Although they do have wheels, hoverboards are the kind of gadgets we’ve always dreamed of. But before you invest in this slightly expensive gadget, it’s better to know a few facts about it:

  1. Banned A lot of cities and most major airlines are banning this gadget. Let’s just hope your city is not on the list too!
    Banned Source - chicagotribune.com
  2. A lot of falls Remember when you learnt skating as a kid and were forced to wear kneepads and helmets? Well, do the same while riding on your hoverboard, because this one will make you tumble!
    A lot of falls Source - cbssports.com
  3. And even a fire Okay, so they might be slightly hazardous, as their lithium ion batteries have a higher chance of overheating and exploding. Although it happens rarely, it’s better to know what you are in for.
    Fire Source - theadvocate.com
  4. They might just be real! Like the makers say, ArcaBoard will make you feel like a superhero! Also, this magical thing that Lexus has made! We would be lying if we said we aren’t waiting for them!
    4 Arcaboard Source - gizmag.com
  5. Celebrities LOVE them! Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Mike Tyson have one thing in common: love for hoverboards! So you will definitely be making a statement once you get one for yourself!
    Celebrities Source - x17online.com
  6. Great speed The fastest speed a hoverboard can go at is 12 mph. So much faster (and cooler) than walking, right?!
    Source - qz.com Source - qz.com
  7. SO MUCH FUN! Despite the risks, cost, and everything else, hoverboards are SUPER fun to ride! With this kickass gadget, you are going to be so fly! (Pun intended!)
    Source - inquirer.net Source - inquirer.net
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