Lights! Smoke! Action! 9 Actors Who Went To the Sets High AF!

We’ve all heard rumors of actors getting high and showing up on sets. Is it true? Is it? Well, it is! Of course, there are many reasons why actors get high. Some want to be the life of the party or there are also instances in which actors decide to do drugs in order to mask depression or anxiety.
 And then there some actors who need a way to keep their energy levels up during extremely long shoots! They say it brings out the actor in them! Now here are 9 actors who’ve showed up high AF on the sets!
Lights! Smoke! Camera! Action!

  1. Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter films
    It’s hard being the most famous wizard in the universe! The actor went on drinking and weed smoking binges during the filming of the later Harry Potter films. Although he admits he never consumed any on the set. Mr. Headmaster, see what your student is upto!
    source - blogspot.com

  2. Carie Fisher – Star Wars
    Best known for her legendary role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, Carie Fisher’s drug use may come as no surprise to anyone who has read her autobiography. Fisher admitted that she used cocaine while filming Star Wars! Oh Princess Leia, may the force be with you!
    source - usatoday.com

  3. The Beatles – Help!
    The greatest band ever! The Beatles. The Beatles discovered the joys of marijuana and that could be seen and heard in their songs! Now for this video, the Fab Four were so high that they found everything hilarious while filming. We’re sure that the crew was crying for HELP while shooting this video!
    source - mojo4music.com

  4. Edward Norton & Brad Pitt – Flight Club
    For that scene where the two men are drunkenly hitting golf balls, Norton and Pitt weren’t drunk. They were stoned! Now that’s method acting. Stoned AF, but acting like a drunkard!
    source - giphy.com

  5. Jack Nicholson
    Oh Mr. Nicholson: you’ve got swag. But it's his role in Easy Rider that's legendary for both his incredible acting and his drug use. He described his preparations for the role in a Playboy interview: "Each time I did a take or angle, it involved smoking almost an entire joint. We were smoking regular dope, pretty good Mexican grass."
    source - telegraph.co.uk


  6. Nicolas Cage – The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans
    Okay so Nicolas Cage’s acting may vary from really good to really bad. Well, you can blame his choice of films. But for this 2009 hit, Cage admitted that he received a prescription for cocaine to relieve a sinus infection, which had an effect on his preparations for the film. Hmm, bad lieutenant, good acting!
    source- tumblr.com

  7. Wesley Snipes – Blade Trinity
    While some people can still be a pleasure to deal with while they’re high, Wesley Snipes is not one of those people. The star chased the director around the set, hated his co-stars and stayed in his trailer smoking weed all day. So now we know where Blade got all those bad ass ideas to kill people!
    sourcce - yahoo.com

  8. Eminem – 8 Mile
    The Rap God! The King of Rap! Eminem’s drug abuse and weed smoking binges has been well documented in his music, but it reportedly all started on the sets of the film 8 Mile where the rapper would work 16 hours a day and couldn’t sleep. He became addicted to it and nearly died of an overdose a few years later. Phew! That’s a narrow escape for the God of Rap!
    source - illuminatimovies.net

  9. Seth Rogen
    To anyone who has ever seen any of Seth Rogen's films, such as Pineapple Express, Superbad, and Neighbors, it should come as no surprise that Rogen enjoys his weed. He has publicly admitted to using marijuana while writing and starring in many of his movies, so much so that he seems rather proud of the fact! Well, everyone has a passion, Rogen’s is marijuana!
    source - ifc.com

    So all these actors have admitted to using marijuana, weed and drugs!
    But what about confession? Stoner confessions!

Stoner confession from the stoners!