Let’s Just Say Goodbye to These 7 Weird Food Trends

We have tried rainbow foods, we know about fried spiders as delicacies, and we all love vodka pani puris. When it comes to food, we don’t stop ourselves from experimenting with new delicacies.

But what do we do when things get slightly out of control? There’s no shortage of weirdness in this world and that extends right up to our plates. For example, would you ever eat seaweed flavoured popcorn? No, right? So weird, just like these strange food trends no one would like to exist, including food lovers:

  1. Savoury Desserts

There’s a reason why we order dessert: it’s because we need something sweet to finish our meal. Now, if people start adding savoury flavours to them, what’s the point of calling them desserts? Sorry, but we need our dose of sweet desserts!

Source - foodandwine.com Source - foodandwine.com

  1. Donut Burgers

Donuts are awesome, burgers are super awesome! What isn’t awesome is donut burgers! This weird recipe replaces the burger buns with donuts and we don’t know how to feel about it. We mean, why can’t we just do it the traditional way? WHY?

Source - foxnews.com Source - foxnews.com

  1. Drinkable Clay

Before you go ‘ew’, we should tell you that a lot of Hollywood celebs swear by edible clay, including ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ actress Shailene Woodley. Apparently it has a lot of health benefits which is making people try it. But, drinking clay? No, thanks, we’ll say pass!

Source - diyhealthremedy.com Source - diyhealthremedy.com

  1. Insect Smoothie

Smoothies are quick and healthy breakfast options that we all love, especially when we have zero time to waste before work! But, wait, smoothies with edible insects as ingredients? And yes, the insects are blended. What in the hell? As much as we love our smoothies, we definitely don’t want to try this recipe!

Source - pexels.com Source - pexels.com

  1. Bulletproof Coffee

In simpler words, butter coffee. No, not cream, but butter! If you are a coffee lover like us, you are probably shuddering at the thought of drinking coffee with butter. As much as we love butter, why would anyone want to ruin coffee with it? Please, let’s just stick to the ‘no sugar, one spoon of cream’ kind of coffee, shall we?!

Source - latimes.com Source - latimes.com

  1. Baby Gaga

No, it’s not something invented by Lady Gaga, but it’s definitely weirder than anything the popstar has ever done! Want to take a guess what Baby Gaga is? Ice cream made of breast milk! Should we say it again? Breast milk ice cream. Never thought you could say no to ice cream, did you?

Source - thecelebrityauction.co Source - thecelebrityauction.co

  1. Salad Cakes

Moms will love this, but we’d definitely want to get rid of it as soon as possible! Salads disguised as cakes, just so you feel like eating your veggies. Who are we kidding? The taste is going to remain the same! But don’t they look so yum?

Source - bravotv.com Source - bravotv.com

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