Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ is Shocking! 5 Times Music Videos Stirred Up Controversies

Is it just us or have music videos become really weird these days? In the name of fame, music videos have become pathetic because good or bad, publicity is publicity. From Hollywood to Bollywood, we’ve picked a few famous songs for you. They have terrible lyrics and dirty videos that make you lose faith in the music industry. Here are 5 music videos that stirred up some major controversies:  
  1. Kanye West - Famous Guess who just spent 750,000 dollars on naked wax figures? Mr.West, that’s who. His new single, ‘Famous’ has surely made him famous real quick. It contains a scene inspired by a painting named ‘Sleep’ by Vincent Desiderio. In the scene you’ll find a naked Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, and Rihanna along with others lying asleep in bed. The controversy arises because he exposed them without their consent. Art or rape culture? Take a pick.

  2. Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money You won’t mess with Rihanna after this video. She’s angry at her accountant, so she kidnaps, tortures and kills his white wife. There is a naked woman hanging upside down, and that’s just one part of it! Turns out she directed the video herself, so nobody else is to blame. The video is way too crude and bloody. Makes you wonder whether the racism, murder and nudity is really the key to fame. Whatever it is, it sure ruins pop culture.

  3. Dum Maro Dum – Mit Jaye Gham Here we go again. A remake of the 70’s classic ‘Dum Maro Dum’, this song pissed quite a few people off. Dev Anand and Asha Bhosle were thoroughly shocked. ISCKON even wrote a letter about how offensive the song is while using a Hare Krishna mantra. Weird lyrics such as “Unche se uncha banda, potty pe baithe nanga” which translates to ‘Despite the class, every person sits naked in the toilet’ makes most of us cringe. Although it has Deepika Padukone in it - who is scantily clad by the way - it has no ‘dum’(power).

  4. Maroon 5 – Animals Lead singer Adam Levine acts as a creepy stalker in this video, but it’s okay because he’s hot? No! Listen up ladies, a man taking pictures of you without your consent is not romantic (even if he’s a famous singer). To add to it, Adam also gets bloody with pigs at a butcher shop, making us feel like we’re his next meal. This video glorifies stalking, violence and makes it look romantic. It ends with a shower of blood over a sex scene. What happened to good old flowers and a date?

  5. Dabangg 2 – Fevicol Se Feminism goes down the drain as Kareena Kapoor lip syncs to ‘Fevicol Se’. The lyrics suggest that women are tandoori chicken that should be eaten with alcohol. Yes, that’s right. Women want you to devour them like grilled meat, apparently. Oh! We forgot to mention that this is yet another item song. The video contains – surprise, surprise – drunk men, half naked ladies and sexual dancing. Is this the kind of song we should dance to at family functions? Probably not.

  Music videos aren’t the only wack things out there. Events around the world are too! Check these out.