Kaala Chashma, Sunny Deol Style! 6 Mash-Ups That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone!

Okay! So we know the Kala Chashma remake is all over the internet. Katrina Kaif’s hotness quotient and those moves in the song make all of us groove! Well, now there’s someone else who’s raised the bar! This individual has taken Kala Chashma to a whole new level. It is none other than our beloved Sunny Deol! Yes, you’ve read it right, Sunny Pajji at his dancing best! So move over Madam Kaif, because The Dhae Kilo Ka Hath is here to stay!

We bet you just cannot stop laughing! And then we thought, why stop there? Why not make a laughter riot list of mash-up videos! So here’s a list of mash-up videos that are hilarious AF and will make your tummy hurt! Sorry! We apologize in advance!

  1. Oh Mastani……Look how depressed Bajiroa is! Please give him a hotline BLING!
  2. Lean On is our current favourite dance number! So an ultimate dance number calls for the ultimate Bollywood dancer! All we need is Govinda to lean on!

  3. Oh look! Sunny Pajji has done this before! After this video, Martin Garrix is now screaming like an animal: Yaara O Yaara….
  4. We just can’t get enough of this song! So much that the evergreen Sridevi gave it a nagin lean on!
  5. When Ganpat tells you to dance, even the King of Pop couldn’t control himself to the beats! Now this one’s a thriller!
  6. We love how Govinda has a passion for dance. And this video totally reflects that! Oh we don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight, because we love Chi-Chi’s cheap thrills!

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