K..K..K..Kiran! Y Films’ New Teaser is Thrilling as Hell!

Happy memories here, happy memories there; we keep sharing our photos on public. Did you even ever realize who stalks you and from where? What could they do with your photos?

Y Films launches new teaser:

Nobody’s a saint here; this is social media we’re talking about guys and YRF has rightfully taken this concept to the next level by launching a thrilling teaser day before yesterday.

Under the banner of YRF’s subsidiary Y Films (headed by Ashish Patil) is a reboot of the 1993 super hit romantic  psychological thriller Darr. And it is called Darr 2.0. Sixth in line to Y Films’ collection of web series, this looks promising! Not just that but it is actually “bigger, darker and edgier” than ever. 

What they had to say:

“Darr 2.0 will feature the characters of Rahul, Kiran and Sunil from the original but in an entirely new milieu, weaved in a modern, original tale of obsession and fear in the age of cyber stalking and digital crimes. The series holds a mirror to the perilous environment of online privacy invasion and social media harassment that can take a dangerous and disturbing turn, if unchecked.”

About the trailer:

The trailer is chilling indeed. Best part about it being, when the creepy dude goes K..K…K...Kiran. We literally thought the net went down and YouTube stopped loading for a bit at that point! Smart move, got us a bit hooked!

On the contrary, the tune of the original Tu Hai Meri Kiran buzzing up in the background, this stalker looks crazy as hell and after Y Film’s last collection of hit series, we can only expect better!