Just A Touch Of Nostalgia! 11 Advertisements You’d Never Forget

Do you hate it when your favorite TV shows takes a break? Well, everyone does, those irritating advertisements, idiotic concepts and those jingles! Aaahh!!! We feel like breaking the television set whenever these ads show up. But, ads are ads. You can hate them, you can love them, but you just cannot ignore them! We could ignore them if we had the balls to break the televisions set! Now, an ad can make or break a brand. But sometimes, there are ads that can make you smile or leave an impact. Some have jingles, we just cannot get out of our heads. These ads aren’t on the telly anymore, but they’d always be remembered for their simplicity, humor and creativity

  1. Happydent White Chingum- Tera Dil Roshan, Tera Mann Roshan! Now this has to be the most hilarious ad we’ve ever seen. People on cars, poles, houses and everywhere. You’d be confused at the start, but at the end a guy pulls out a Happydent chewing gum and lights everywhere! Lights from their teeth! This ad has been putting a roshan on everyone’s face! 

  2. National Anthem Ad Aired in 2007, this advertisement gives us a lot of positive vibes about our nation. It is no doubt the best commercial made to make millennials realize the importance of respecting their country. This ad got a very well-deserved National Award. The disabled man standing to the tune of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ on the radio actually gives us goosebumps. 

  3. Naukri.com We all hate our boss! They’re demanding, rude, bossy and irritating and we hate them so much! This Naukri.com ad spoke to every poor soul trapped in a job they hated. The ad held out hope to each individual who sought an alternative to the shithole they found themselves in. This ad will definitely inspire you to quit your job and log onto Naukri.com, so watch it at your own risk! 

  4. Bajaj Bulbs One of the best advertisements on Indian television, Bajaj Bulbs takes us to the yesteryears. As soon as the jingle starts, “jab main chotta baccha tha… roshini deta bajaj”, we bet every Indian starts singing along. 

  5. Bajaj Scooter Undoubtedly, the oldest and the cutest commercials of Indian television. In those times when television was a luxury, making advertisements like Bajaj scooter required a lot of innovation and creativeness. And the jingle? Now that’s an iconic one. Humara Bajaj…! 

  6. Camlin Permanent Markers This Camlin ad, isn’t the most popular ads, but the most innovative and terrific ad! The commercial shows a woman sitting, besides her husband who is breathing his last breath. As soon as the man dies, other women come to wipe off the vermillion dot on the female’s head. When the dot doesn’t come off made by a Camlin marker, the man starts breathing again. Well, it happens only in India! It happens only with a Camlin! 

  7. Vodafone Zoo Zoo What do they talk? We don’t know. What do they mean? We don’t know. What are they? The Zoo Zoo. Well, it is really difficult to hate them, because they are super cute! 

  8. Nirma Beauty Soap One of the hottest mums in Bollywood, Sonali Bendre, was the face of Nirma Beauty Soap when it first came out. There’ve been different faces to the brand, but we all remember it for the jingle it had. Tum Husn Par….Tu Jane Jaha…… This jingle is still being used till date. The voice behind the jingle? Hariharan! Need we say more! 

  9. Fevikwik No matter how old this gets, it can never fail to make you chuckle. Who would have thought fishing could be this easy! 

  10. Cadbury All Cadbury commercials are innovative and attract the audience towards the melting-in-your-mouth chocolate. But, this particular ad gained the highest popularity. The expressions of the girl in this ad are simply awesome and the way she eats it, makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Just like their tagline, Cadbury has always had meetha ads! 

  11. Dhara This Dhara commercial is a favorite among many people from that time. The scrumptious way in which the little kid says, “jaleebbiiii” is super-cute. Kids particularly loved this advertisement because their love for jalebis. This advertisement is still one of the most seen on YouTube after so many years. 


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