From Junk To Funk! 7 Dishes that Turned Junk Food Into Gourmet Food

Fancy a low budget gourmet meal? Chef Jacques La Merde to your service! His Instagram account took the internet by storm with his posts on gourmet dishes created with junk food. He remained unknown for a while until he revealed himself this January. *Drumroll* Chef Jacques is a woman! Christine Flynn, a Toronto-based chef revealed that she was the owner of the account on a tv show called Top Chef. She loves food, art and irony, which combine to form such artsy dishes. Her ability to make junk food look elegant shows that her artistic skills are on a whole other level! Her goofy captions, all written in caps lock, show us her humorous side. Take a look at these 7 dishes that look too beautiful to eat:

  1. Velvet Wow This beauty consists of ripped pieces of red velvet cake, strawberry milk spheres, fruity pebble soil, Fruit By The Foot(candy) scrunchies and some maraschino cherries! Bet your local bakery doesn’t serve this!
    Source - chefjacqueslamerde.com
    Source - chefjacqueslamerde.com
  2. Corny Corn Dogs The corn dogs you get at a street shack are transformed better than a Transformer can. It is paired with cheese slices, honey ham rosettes, Spongebob Squarepants shaped noodles and mustard tears! Who knew Spongebob and corn dogs could look so classy, right?
    Source - torontolife.com Source - torontolife.com
  3. Tart Art Watch a Pop Tart become the star of the show! This raspberry Pop Tart parfait is surrounded by a vanilla SnackPack and grape crush scented gel. Enhanced with candies like Mike and Ikes, Cry Babies and Fruity Mentos, this is a candy lover’s dream!
    Source - mashable.com Source - mashable.com
  4. Orange You Glad To See Me? Get a feast of orange colour with this masterpiece. Bagel bites paired with Cheetos chips, baby carrot puree, small vegetables and chipotle oil. This is a snack designed to be eaten at sunset. Look how adorable those Cheetos look!
    Source - brit.co Source - brit.co
  5. Peanut Butter Bomb We found it, you guys, the coolest dessert! The perfect circle has arrived and it has peanut butter ice cream cones, banana muffins, chocolate toppings, butterscotch cream, yellow Fruit Loops and Honey Teddy Grams earth! She has combined all the snacks you’d find at a gas station shop!
    Source - imgur.com Source - imgur.com
  6. Say Cheese! Your lunchmeat has never looked this good. Here we have a macaroni studded bologna, hand-torn bread, yellow mustard caviar, pickled baby onions, ketchup, whipped cream, Doritoz chips and a whole lot of cheese!
    Source - imgur.com Source - imgur.com
  7. Hello-peno! You must have ordered jalapeno poppers at every other junk food chain. But what you havn’t seen, is them garnished with some pepperoni butter cream, macaroni salad, deep fried egg yolk and cracker gravel. This is what you call fine dining, folks!
    Source - herkusuu.fi Source - herkusuu.fi

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