Jordan Calling? 9 Reasons Why You Should Visit this Middle Eastern Country

USA’s too mainstream, Europe’s out of your budget, and Thailand’s too crowded! Where on Earth do you want to plan your next vacation?

Here’s an idea: how about Jordan? Yes, Jordan! Although not many people you know plan to visit this country, you can never say no to a country as beautiful as that! And here are more reasons why you should be heading there right now:

  1. Totally safe While other Middle Eastern countries are not very safe tourist destinations, Jordan is a country you can explore without fear, even if you are all by yourself!
    Source - timesofisrael.com Source - timesofisrael.com
  2. Such food, much yum! From hummus to lamb dishes such as mansaf, Jordan is mecca for foodies! And to add to it, you will find delicious street food in almost every town and city!
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  3. Oh, Petra! A city built out of a mountain, what’s not to love, right? Jordan’s most famous destination, this Wonder of the World is truly wonderful! Try not to get lost!
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  4. DEAD SEA! Jordan allows you to do the one thing that’s on every traveler’s bucket list: floating in the Dead Sea! Epic-ness unbound!
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  5. Wadi Rum aka Mars on Earth You know those Mars scenes in movies? Shot right here! The landscape is indeed unlike anything on this planet!
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  6. Locals Traveling is not only about seeing places, it’s also about meeting new sorts of people. And the people at Jordan are so friendly and hospitable that they will make your travel 1000 times more pleasurable!
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  7. History everywhere From Roman amphitheatres to Mt. Nebo, from where Moses first saw the Promised Land, every inch of Jordan spills with history!
    Source - walkaboutagain.com Source - walkaboutagain.com
  8. Bedouin culture Sleep in Bedouin tents pitched in the desert, mingle with members of the tribe, eat traditional dishes, and come back full of stories!
    Source - intrepidtravel.com Source - intrepidtravel.com
  9. Most chill vacay Think you need to take a vacation just to chill? Well, Jordan’s the place to go! It also has some of the best hotels in the world to look after all your needs!
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