Incredibly Beautiful! These 7 Underwater Restaurants Will Stun You

Imagine having the opportunity to dine in a restaurant where all of the wonders and creatures of the ocean swim by.These restaurants are both in exotic locations and others that you might not have even known existed.

Here are 7 such beautiful looking underwater restaurants you’d want to see:

  1. Cargo Hold Durban, South Africa - With the location, you are able to enjoy a meal as sharks swim by and sometimes even come up close to check out what’s on your plate. The good part is you can have a meal without worrying about becoming one.
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  1. The Al Mahara, Dubai - The entire make up of The Al Mahara restaurant is one of the greatest illusions when it comes to the underwater feel. It is also revered as one of the best places to enjoy seafood in Dubai, pretty ironic, we know.
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  1. Ithaa, Maldives - It is located on a private island in the Indian Ocean. It’s part of a larger underwater network such as bars and villas. The meals are pretty high end making for a rich experience.
    Source - globalcitiesdialogue.com Source - globalcitiesdialogue.com
  1. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida -The lodge has their own group of chefs that prepare food for you and there is even a pizza delivery service that is offered. Underwater dwelling and delivery? Pretty intoxicating.
    Source - triptaptoe.com Source - triptaptoe.com
  1. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji – This hotel happens to be featuring dining options that allows you to have a full view of live aquatic life all around you. It has some of the most stunning and intoxicating views underwater, without having to dive.
    Source - in.pinterest.com  Source - in.pinterest.com
  1. Atrium, Berlin - The sheer mass of the cylindrical aquarium in the middle of the bar still incites an underwater feel.
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  1. Anantara Kihavah Villas, Maldives - You can fall into an intoxicated lull by taking in your surroundings or get excited about all of the incredible wildlife around you. Your choice.
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