If You’re Stoned, Don’t do These 5 Social Fuck Ups

Shit happens when you’re high on marijuana. Whether you’re a fresher or a seasoned stoner, there are some things that you absolutely shouldn’t be doing when you’re baked. Once you smoke a bleezy, try not to get into anything uncomfortable, specially if you are in a social sphere.

Remember, you have been warned!

Here are 5 Don’t-Do things after taking bong-hits:

  1. You shouldn’t laugh – Whether you are in the middle of a lecture getting scolded or a funeral of your best friend’s grumpy cat, it could be risky to go somewhere it’s not acceptable to laugh. Because let’s be real, you will laugh as fuck. And not even remember what you were laughing about. And then cry, because you’re so creeped out!
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  2. Do not drive a car or truck or whatever – When you’re stoned, just do not drive. You might feel you’re under the influence of some higher power, but you must know, now is not the time for this. Instead, talk to your cat and you never know it might actually reply.
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  3. You cannot, absolutely cannot go to office when you’re stoned – Do you want to be caught in the act? Having lunch with your boss and constantly putting your food so close to your eyes instead of the mouth because you had to zoom in on it to feel the texture? Wait, what?
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  4. Going through airport security – NEVER...TRY
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  5. Don’t go to the Movies – Because you can’t stay awake for long. Hell no, you can’t go to the movies; you know where you can go? The fuck to sleep!
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