If You are Eyeing the Everest, Here are 9 Expert Tips to Keep in Mind

You want to set out on an adventure not many dare to. Yes, we are talking about your dream of scaling the Everest! But before you accept this challenge, there are some essential things that you must keep in mind. Here are seven tips to help you during your Everest ascent, right from the experts:

  1. Train, train, TRAIN! Only when you are in your best form will you be ready to climb the Everest. Train hard, train smart, and you are already one step closer!
    Source - scarpa.com Source - scarpa.com
  2. Know your gear Your ice axe, crampons, oxygen system are going to be your best friends up there. The best thing to do is to know them well before you start your journey.
    Source - shastaguides.com Source - shastaguides.com
  3. Safety first You are the climbing the Everest, hence you cannot afford to be badass. Safety comes before anything else while you are up there. Got it?
    3 Everest Source - abc.net.au
  4. One step at a time Go at the pace your body is comfortable at. Don’t rush to keep up with others as you might end up stressing yourself.
    Source - nationalgeographic.com Source - nationalgeographic.com
  5. Look after yourself Remember the quote ‘God helps those who help themselves’? Well, implement it on this adventure and you will understand it perfectly.
    Source - discovery.com Source - discovery.com
  6. Respect the weather The weather is going to be challenging up there and you gotta learn how to respect it. This will only help you in case of bad weather.
    Source - russianclimb.com Source - russianclimb.com
  7. Listen to the guide Your guide and Sherpa will always know better than you do since they have done this before. Treat every word of theirs as golden advice!
    Source - nationofchange.org Source - nationofchange.org
  8. Know your body Learn everything about your body there is to know. If you fall sick during your climb, you will at least know what’s happening and how to cure it.
    Source - telegraph.co.uk Source - telegraph.co.uk
  9. Keep your head clear You are on a challenging ascent, make sure you don’t stress yourself too much. Taking it easy is the key to an unforgettable journey!
    Source - nationalgeographic.com Source - nationalgeographic.com
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