I went for a trip with friends to Himachal Pradesh and never came back!


It felt like, 'The mountains are calling and I must stay back'. Giving up the Mumbai life to live a life of contentment here in the mountains has been fulfilling. I paint to thrive here. Painting was a hobby which has turned into a source of income for me. I make money by painting gifts for tourists wherever I stay. And add emotional touch to sell my paintings. I also worked at cannabis farm for a few months. I help the villagers make money by purchasing daily necessities from them. So, basically, the money keeps revolving in the village itself. I have recently learnt hemp handicrafts from a Canadian man. I am trying to create a gallery to exhibit local crafts. I want to find something new in hemp handicrafts soon. My passion made me move from Mumbai to the Mountains. This is the life that I have chosen and it's been worth it!