Have You Visited Any Of These 7 Cave Destinations Ever?

Wherever in the world you are traveling, some underground beauties are worthy additions to any vacations. Some of the most famous caves in the world have become tourist hot spots, complete with paths with handrails and lights that illuminate their most interesting formations and fossils.

Let’s give you 7 amazing cave destinations to choose from:

  1. Barton creek Cave – This cave in the Central American nation of Belize is an underground waterway. It is this unique history and Barton's amazing rock formations that makes it one of the more interesting of all of Central America’s underground attractions.
    Source - www.ninebelize.com Source - www.ninebelize.com
  1. Harrison’s Cave – This one is a major attraction on the Caribbean Island of Barbados. The easy accessibility of this cave makes it a great stop for caving novices or anyone for that matter.
    Source - www.biteablebeauty.com Source - www.biteablebeauty.com
  1. Phong Nha Cave – This cave sits in the northern part of central Vietnam. Enjoy the domes and rock formations that make the accessible section of the cave such a stunning place to explore.
    Source - www.justgola.co Source - www.justgola.co
  1. Mammoth Cave – This is one of the most impressive and accessible underground destinations in the U.S. Features like translucent blind cave fish and endless miles of tunnels and chambers make this one of the best overall choices for novice cavers, casual tourists and curiosity seekers.
    Source - www.npca.org Source - www.npca.org
  1. Carlsbad Caverns – This one is another popular U.S. cave system.Carlsbad offers visitors a chance to take a self guided hike through sections of the cave.
    Source - www.blouinartinfo.com Source - www.blouinartinfo.com
  1. Gunung Mulu National Park - Deep in Borneo's jungle sits Gunung Mulu National Park. This cave is among the most strenuous and demanding of all Gunung Mulu's underground tours.
    Source - balotravel.net Source - balotravel.net
  1. Cango Caves – Cango cave is in the Western Cape region of South Africa. It is one of the most accessible and impressive underground attractions on the continent. Cango also has adventure tours for people who want to see more of the cave and are willing to do some climbing and crawling.
    Source - digitalnomad.nationalgeographic.com Source - digitalnomad.nationalgeographic.com

Are you travelling solo? You’d definitely need to keep a few things in mind.