How’s That! 11 Facts About The Indian Women’s Cricket Team That You Might Not Know

In a world where cricket is known as the gentleman’s game, women have proved their worth in the field! As for India, cricket and cricketers are worshipped here! And women, of course have earned our respect!

So, let us look at 11 facts about the Indian women’s cricket team.
  1. The first Indian women’s cricket match was played in 1976 - 42 years after the first women’s cricket match!
    The first Indian women’s cricket match Source - wikimedia
  2. The first Indian women’s cricket match was the Test series against West Indies in 1976.
    Source - indianetzone.com Source - indianetzone.com
  3. Neetu David set a world record for the best bowling performance in an innings against England in 1995 with 8/53.
    Neetu David Source - gettyimages.in
  4. Their first Test Match victory on foreign land was against England in 2002.
    Source - wisdenindia.com Source - wisdenindia.com
  5. The team won their first Asia Cup in 2004 and 3 more Asia cups later.
    Source - espncricinfo.com Source - espncricinfo.com
  6. Team captain Mithali Raj was pitted against Virat Kohli for this year’s Padma Shri Award – she won!6
  7. Anjum Chopra, with a batting average of 30.44 (test) and 31.3 (ODI) won the Arjuna Award and Padma Shri Award for excellent performance in sports.
    Source - zimbio.com Source - zimbio.com
  8. Anjum Chopra was the first Indian woman player to score a century in ODI.
    Source - espncricinfo.com Source - espncricinfo.com
  9. With 10/78 against England, Jhulan Goswami set a record of the best bowling figure in 2006.
    Source - espncricinfo.com Source - espncricinfo.com
  10. At 27.45, Shubhangi Kulkarni has the highest ever average of most wickets in a career. Diana Edulji a close second at 25.77!
    Source - wisdenindia.com Source - wisdenindia.com
  11. India proudly stands 4th in the ICC women’s rankings.11
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