What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Death?

Some people fear heights, some fear insects, and some are sh*t scared of water. But the one thing that all of us fear? Death! And you’d be lying if you say you haven’t spent days and nights thinking about all the ways you can die. Whether terrifying or extremely stupid, all of us have created possible death scenarios in our minds, right? Now, what if we told you that your death can be predicted based on your sun sign? Scary, right? Want to fulfill the curiosity about your death? Read this and don’t forget to take it lightly!
  1. Aries
We all know Arians have an adventurous personality. It doesn’t take much to figure out how they will die. A skydiving accident, cliff diving, or something more extreme will probably be the reason of their death. Be careful, our Arian friends!
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  1. Taurus
Trust a Taurus person to die because of their clumsiness! They will often say, “Oh, I can totally do this task by myself.” No, it never works out too well for them. Remember to always help a Taurus man or woman!
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  1. Gemini
“Stay away from that person,” you told your Gemini friend. But they didn’t listen! No matter how much you try keeping them away from the ‘bad bunch’, they will always manage to make them part of their lives. The same people who will cause their death!
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  1. Cancer
A Cancerian’s death is not something people talk about. Why? Because it’s always for a lame reason like heartbreak or being fired at a job. Alright, we know it’s death we are talking about, but at least make it a memorable one!
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  1. Leo
On a jungle safari? Click a selfie with a wild animal. Standing at the edge of a cliff? Selfie time! Leos love themselves and never miss opportunities to privilege the world with their selfies. Yes, they are all those people who have died while taking selfies!
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  1. Virgo
Virgos don’t know what ranting or outbursts are! Reason of death? Bottled up emotions! Now you know why opening up is good for you (and your life)!
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  1. Libra
All those stories of people dying for their loved ones? Yes, they were all about people born under this sun sign! In classic Romeo and Juliet style, the Libra horoscope says they will die because they sacrificed for the person they love the most. So romantic!
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  1. Scorpio
Scorpios are brave and distrusting, so what do you think will lead to their death? A fight! Alas, they will lose more than just the fight. Tip: don’t get into too many fights!
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  1. Sagittarius
We are sorry to say this, but Sagittarians will die because of their own stupidity. They are the kind of people who never take precaution while doing something extreme, literally stepping into the jaws of death! It’s like they are asking for it!
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  1. Capricorn
Capricorns think too much about people’s opinions and so they will probably fake their death to see who shows up at their funeral. Capricorns, listen up, people will only end up disliking you if you pull off such a stunt!
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  1. Aquarius
Death is scary, but you know what is scarier? Dying alone. Sadly for the Aquarian, this might just be a possibility. Time to start surrounding yourself with loved ones? We think so too!
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  1. Pisces
A Piscean is so lost that they won’t even know when death hits them! Humming to themselves while crossing the road, not looking where they are walking (even while trekking), they attract death towards them! source-symbols.com Don’t worry, you aren’t dying anytime soon, so why don’t you order a drink based on your sun sign!