How Wide Can You Open? YOUR MOUTH! For 7 of the Biggest Burgers In The World!

Don’t we all gasp at the extra patty that Burger King adds to its whoppers? Well, there are a few burgers around the world that are casually ‘whopper 10x’!

If you have a craving for food challenges or you’re just generally very (emphasis on VERY) hungry, then head to these places and take a shot at 7 of the biggest burgers in the world!

  1. The absolutely ridiculous burger, USA A ridiculous 2 feet in diameter, this burger is enormously huge and costs $400! Take a shot at it along with a few of your friends!
    Source - shandymedia.com Source - shandymedia.com
  2. The 8th wonder burger, New Jersey Also known as Mt. Olympus Burger, this is the largest burger in the world with a diameter of 28 inches and a height of 11.5 inches. 10 people have an hour to finish this giant and win a prize of $5,000 but no one ever has!
    Source - gabworthy.com Source - gabworthy.com
  3. Mr Big, England The biggest burger of Britain, Mr. Big, contains 6,300 calories and 300g of fat – more than the recommended amount of fat a woman should consume in a week! Finish this in 20 minutes and you don’t have to pay anything for it! However, if you fail to do so, get ready to pay £19.95!
    Source - Dailymail Source - Dailymail
  4. 28 ounce double cheeseburger, London Are you in for some calories? This burger is made once a week at Mother Flipper! (Try not to drool on the keyboard)
    Source - instagram Source - instagram
  5. Devostator, London Along with the large amounts of beef, bacon and cheese, this burger also contains 200g of pulled pork!
    Source - reddogsaloon.co.uk Source - reddogsaloon.co.uk
  6. 32oz End of the world burger challenge, London This burger comes with caramelised onions, garlic mayo, onion rings and chunky chips! What more could you ask for?!
    Source - googleusercontent.com Source - googleusercontent.com
  7. The monster red ruby burger, England This burger contains seven six-ounce patties, seven slices of cheese and 14 slices of bacon. It looks delicious AF!
    Source - karennutton.co.uk Source - karennutton.co.uk
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