How to Manage Your Stress by Trying These 9 Techniques

Being a workaholic can get to you. Trust us, we know the feeling pretty well. Meetings that last hours after work, meeting deadlines, and catching up with hundreds of unread mails in your inbox can be pretty damn stressful.

At least we are in the same boat in the river of stress! Is that consolation enough? No? Alright, since that didn’t work, here are some ways to relieve your stress that you should definitely try:

1. Adult colouring books are becoming all the rage and for good reason! Remember how fun colouring used to be as children? Well, it’s equally, if not more, fun as adults! Did we tell you there are colouring books for Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fans too?

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2. Dance like no one’s watching! Once you are home, pull the curtains, turn on the pretty lights, blast some peppy music, and DANCE! Dancing alone is the best way to let it out and be at ease with yourself!

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3. Uninstall an app you are addicted to, be it Facebook or Candy Crush. Just. Delete. It. Phones are extremely stressful, for your body and mind, and usually the one thing we always resort to when irritated. Time to stop and look up from the screen!

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4. Call your best friend and RANT! A lot of time complaining helps and no better person than your bestie to crib about things to. Dial his/her number, talk about everything that is bothering you, and you will instantly feel better!

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5. Take a nap, or better, sleep for a longer time! And whatever other people might say, sleeping is not an escape route. A sound sleep also helps dealing with stress in a better way after you wake up. Zzzz, already?

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6. Someone told you binge eating is not healthy? Well, some studies show that food can actually help reduce your stress levels, and chocolate is one of those foods! Treat yourself to a huge bar of your favourite chocolate (it’s okay if you don’t share!) and your stress will soon vanish. Works for us every single time!

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7. Indulge in all your guilty pleasures! Love listening to Taylor Swift? Blast out ‘Blank Space’ on full volume! Love reading romance novels? Finish a couple of them in one day! Do any and everything that makes you feel better without any shame!

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8. Pamper yourself! Why? Because you are worth it! Go for a relaxing massage or a shopping spree or a book a room at a fancy hotel! Sometimes splurging on yourself is the best therapy ever!

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9. Quit whatever you are doing and take a breather. Go outdoors, take a walk, click some pretty selfies if you want, but just make sure you move away from your desk. Because when in stress, it’s always good to distance yourself from the root cause of it!

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