How to Jump Off a Cliff and Not Die in 7 Easy Steps

Cliff diving. That term itself gives us the thrills. You too, right? The idea of jumping off a cliff, being suspended in the air momentarily, and then hitting the water. Don’t worry, of course you will rise up to the surface! But, man, diving off a cliff is such an intense feeling, especially when it’s your first dive! They say nothing’s as good as the first time and we definitely agree! Your first try at cliff diving is something you will remember forever. And since that’s the case, don’t you think it should be perfect to a ‘t’? Well, good for you, here we are, with some important cliff diving tips!
  1. Ask the experts before you decide to go cliff diving, especially if you are new to this adventure sport. Also, never go cliff diving all by yourself. You might have tried it a couple of times before, but things can never be safe enough.
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  1. Before you dive, check the water depths. This is crucial since you don’t want to end up injuring yourself. For better help, you can pick already popular cliff diving locations. Don’t be lazy about this, because it’s better to be safe than sorry!
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  1. Okay, we agree, adventure sports are fun AF, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be serious. While you are getting ready for your dive, get rid of all distractions, stop fooling around, and most importantly, make a ‘no pushing’ policy!
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  1. Off to the technicalities now! Keep your feet together, hands by your sides, and hold your breath once you are entering the air. Make sure you follow the last one or else you are going to have a lot of water entering your lungs. Okay? Okay!
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  1. We cannot say this enough: do not try to be badass. For example, only jump feet first, because no one except extreme professionals dives head first. Got it? Now, imprint it on your mind forever!
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  1. Your friends might tell you, “It’s just nervousness, just dive.” They might do everything to convince you to jump, but doesn’t mean you have to. Only you know how mentally prepared you are, so don’t dive if you aren’t ready.
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  1. Safety looked after? Practice session done? Instructions memorized? Here’s our final advice: have fun! Cliff diving is an experience like none other and you have to make sure you enjoy every single moment of your dive. Think you can do it? Yes? Go for it, buddy!
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