How to Athleisure – Men

We all live in times that demand a great deal of versatility from our side. We have duties and responsibilities that we simply have to do in an environment that is increasingly becoming more and more time and resource constrained.

Chores keep piling up. Office work is always a pervasive entity; hanging over our heads like dangling swords. It is a much needed requirement to breathe and at the very least be comfortable while we let our lives play havoc with our heads and our hearts. This basic comfort at the end of the day is the main reason why we all don’t totally go off of our rockers all at once.

Fashion has evolved enough to keep us comfortable; cool, calm, and collected no matter what activity we’re upto. A nice neat pair of jogger pants coupled with a fine combed cotton vest is great for working out heavily at the gym, and then chilling with a cool pint of beer with your friends, or popping down to the department store to get your weekly fix of essentials. Athleisure is a trend that is great for just wearing whatever suits you organically and using it to go about your business in a casual and comfy take on things. The old ways of having designated clothes such as denim jeans and Polo T Shirts for shopping; or a checked shirt for going out for a short meal are now obsolete in the way fashion is moving forward faster. I love the fact that I can put on some groovy printed sweatpants coming back after work and essentially go about my post work regime without ever having to worry about situation specific attire. I merely do as my routine wills me and I don’t have to even bother about what people or society in general will think about my choice of clothing.


I can live my post work life blissfully because of athletic wear that is leisurely in its look and feel. This is my reason to believe that the macro level trend of socially and fashionably acceptable genre of clothes such as basic tees, sweatpants, vests, etc. being worn out and about is indeed here to stay. I love this trend; speaking from a more personal standpoint as it allows me to be myself at all times.


Wearing comfy and snug clothes is especially great for playing video games. Avid gamers can attest to the fact as to how the easy to wear apparel category of athletic wear is the reason that they beat a particularly hard boss battle in a game, or the reason why they won that particular online match. Athleisure wear de-stresses and soothes; inside and out. It allows your skin and muscles to breathe, relax, and feel free. The haveli jokes vest is also gaining traction in this category.

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