How Drunk Are You? Get To Know How You Behave When Drunk According To Your Star Sign

Drinking with your gang and not remembering what happened when you were drunk? Know what your star sign has to say and you’ll know how exactly you were when drunk.

  1. Aries – Loud, sloppy, sexual, prone to doing stupid things.
    Source -  priceonomics.com Source - priceonomics.com
  1. Taurus – Is way too happy and tells everyone they’re pretty.
    Source -  www.youtube.com Source - www.youtube.com
  1. Gemini – Risk-taking, sexual, flirtatious.
    Source -  iscreamsundae.com Source - iscreamsundae.com
  1. Cancer – Cracks bad jokes, very loud and flirtatious, then gets really weepy.
    Source -  www.moviefone.com Source - www.moviefone.com
  1. Leo – The king of sloppiness, they’ll vomit and end up falling on people.
    Source -  www.youtube.com Source - www.youtube.com
  1. Virgo – Is either really loud or gets quieter till they pass out.
    Source - www.fanpop.com Source - www.fanpop.com
  1. Libra – Extremely flirtatious, over friendly, basically 10 times of what they already are.
    Source - www.youtube.com Source - www.youtube.com
  1. Scorpio – Fun to be with, but then ends up crying about their love life and passes out.
    Source -  in.pinterest.com Source - in.pinterest.com
  1. Sagittarius – Loud and risk-taking. Possibly snaps and turns into an annoying person.
    Source -  how-i-met-your-mother.wikia.com Source - how-i-met-your-mother.wikia.com
  1. Capricorn – Is really good at hiding the fact that they’re drunk…until they puke on someone’s shoes.
    Source -  www.fundbmarch.es Source - www.fundbmarch.es
  1. Aquarius – Super weird, super hilarious, does a whole lot of stupid things.
    Source - www.howimetyourmotherfr.com Source - www.howimetyourmotherfr.com
  1. Pisces – Huggable and nice, flirts, then gets really sad or angry.
    Source - how-i-met-your-mother.wikia.com Source - how-i-met-your-mother.wikia.com

Now that you know how you’d be when drunk, find places to get drunk first!