Hilarious Reactions! 9 Times Your Pet Wanted Your Dinner

For all you pet lovers all out there, how many times have you had your pet give you the puppy eyes and a pleading stance because they wanted food? They know just the way to melt your heart into a big gooey puddle thanks to their adorableness. They love to trot up to you just when you’re eating and watch you like you’re starving them. You can't even ignore it because they’ve seen things you’re sure you don’t want to know.

More than often, the way they express their hunger is just so funny, we just couldn’t stop ourselves from looking up these funny pets:

  1. This one is wasting no time. We’re sure his owner regrets teaching him how to fetch.
    source - sheknows.com


  2. If only someone looked at us the way this dog is looking at the meal…
    source - plus.google.com


  3. “So what’s the next step in the recipe?
    source - quester.pk


  4. He’s so upset that dessert got over before he could make it to the table.
    source - purelife4pets.com


  5. Cats don’t like to mess around. They get straight to the point and will use whatever blackmail is available to them.
    source - s3forums.com


  6. If you’re a member of the Addams Family, this is probably what your birds look like.
    source - youtube.com


  7. “There’s no hiding how delicious dinner looks tonight.”
    source - advancedanimalcareberea.com


  8. We know what’s on his mind. “Fooooooooooooood.
    source - dogs.thefuntimesguide.com


  9. Um, Cat? We think you’re overstepping your boundaries.
    source - dailymail.co.uk


We know you can’t get enough of pets and how funny they are. Which is why we’ve got some more for you!