Here’s Why You Should Don Pyjamas on Weekdays

We don’t know about you, but all of us are bored of wearing formals already. We know, we know, it’s just Tuesday. But so what? We are allowed to wish for comfortable things and formals are anything but that!

Given an opportunity, we would readily slip into some casual, fun clothing. Yes, we would show up to work in our pajamas too!

Confused? Well, here are all the reasons you need to slip into your pajamas on a weekday:

  1. Comfort Over Anything As if work isn’t difficult enough, you have to do it in formals. Ditch the suit and tie combo and grab a pair of pyjamas for men from your wardrobe before you step out for the day.
    Courtesy - next.co.uk Courtesy - next.co.uk
  2. Shapeshifter You are team leader one minute, party animal the next, and always the super chill person people love. Shift easily between all your moods perfectly with PJs. Easy peasy!
    Courtesy- giphy.com Courtesy- giphy.com
  3. Sudden Plans Life if uncertain and you never know what sudden plans might spring up. Gear up in your pyjamas, because you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT show up to a sleepover in formal clothes. No way, Jose!
    Courtesy - giphy.com Courtesy - giphy.com
  4. So Freakin’ Hot! No, we don’t mean the weather! Well, sort of that too. Look dashing in your go-to cotton pjs and beat the heat at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!
    Courtesy - in.pinterest.com Courtesy - in.pinterest.com
  5. Much Style, Such Wow Like staying on top of the style game? Well, pyjamas will for sure get you noticed by the fashion police for all the right reasons!
    Courtesy - in.pinterest.com Courtesy - in.pinterest.com

And you know the best thing about pyjamas? They are absolutely divine to sleep in at work!