Here’s why ‘Star Wars- The Force Awakens’ has got us Excited

You are lying if you say you haven’t been jumping in your seats ever since the new Star Wars movie was announced! You have watched all six episodes, discussed theories with your friends, maybe even got into arguments about them, and repeated the entire process again! Well, that’s what we have been doing ever since we got hooked to this spectacular series!

Now, the much awaited wait is over, at last! The Force Awakens is here and we just CANNOT CONTAIN OUR EXCITEMENT! Although we don’t need to explain why we are so excited (after all, it is STAR WARS we are talking about!), but here are some of those reasons:

  1. J.J. Abrams as Director When the man who created Lost is all set to direct Star Wars, you know it’s going to be BIG! Fans all over the world are excited to see J.J. Abrams lending his magic to this big bucks watch! 1 JJ Abrams
  2. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia are BACK Guess who’s back? Luke’s back! Han’s back! Leia’s back! The actors who played these three characters are all on board the new movie! This should be reason enough for you to be thrilled! 2 Luke, Leia and Han Solo
  3. New Villain! With Darth Vader being dead, there is a new villain in the Star Wars universe! This character is Kylo Ren and no one knows who he is, except that he is a member of the Knights of the Ren. With all this mystery surrounding him, we are sure he is going to be BAD! 3 Kylo Ren
  4. New Generation Since this episode is set thirty years after the last one, a new generation of lead characters is to be expected! Also, a new wave of Jedi and Sith! WOOT! 4 New Generation
  5. The Force will Awaken! The title sums it up for us! Whatever ‘The Force Awakens’ means (we have lots of theories), we bet all of us are going to absolutely LOVE it! 5 The Force Awakens

One thing’s for sure, we’re all going to be a lot happier!