Here’s the REAL REASON! 9 Reasons why your Woman (Yes, Yours) Fakes Orgasms

Yes, Yes, Yes!

That’s what she says, in bed, but is it for real?

Well, not always! You felt so too?

“uncomfortably Relatable AF” popped in your head


Women do fake orgasms because we are all pretty great actors in the end. Or wait, sometimes, it’s because:

  • They want to please their partners since it boosts his male ego and bring him closer to his own climax at the same time.
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  • They are not in the mood for an original. In order to get over with it as soon as possible, women do fake orgasms. Of course, you wouldn’t want to bruise his male ego.
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  • Not because they are dumb or haven’t thought about it, but, some women just don’t know how to orgasm during sex. Believe us you, it’s true!
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  • For many women, sex is painful and if she is in pain or feeling uncomfortable, it gets difficult to orgasm. Hence, they fake it! Men, please be more sensitive!
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  • Sometimes, she is just trying to avoid an ugly argument by going through the mundane bedroom routine and pretending to enjoy it.
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  • Many women feel that they are psychologically responsible for orgasm, and don’t need it for pleasure. Too embarrassed or unsure of themselves, women go ahead and fake it to avoid failing him. Only if men communicate well about their partner’s concerns, sex could be so much more pleasurable for both.
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  • Women take time to reach climax. They cannot do it in minutes. In order to avoid making her man feel self-conscious, she may kick in the theatrics. Just to make him feel he’s done a good job.
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  • She loves to be able to control her man’s gradual climb to a climax. It’s a feeling of power.
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  • She doesn’t feel a very deep connection with you. Although for men, sex is usually a great encounter, but for women, it’s not always the same. A woman will reach an orgasm easily if she feels a strong connect.
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Let this be a lesson!