Here are 7 Classic DDLJ Moments to Celebrate Twenty Years of the Iconic Film

Come fall in love…all over again! 20 years of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge! It’s been twenty years since we first fell in love with Raj and Simran. Twenty years since we have been reliving their story again and again and again! To celebrate one of the most fabulous, heartbreaking and iconic Bollywood films of all time, here are seven moments from the all-time favourite romantic movie that will make you love it once again.

  1. Celebrating Failure Nothing could be better than a father who celebrates failure! That incident when Anupam Kher doesn’t get disappointed in Raj’s failures AND rewards him with a Eurotrip! This scene made all of us want a father like him! 1
  2. Simran’s Towel Dance Remember Simran dancing in nothing more than a towel while singing about her dream guy? Yes, the one where she managed to capture a million hearts! This was one is probably one of our favourite Simran moments from the movie! Such moves, much love! 2
  3. Raj’s Piano-Playing Skills Remember that scene in Paris when Simran tries to embarrass Raj? Raj does make a fool of himself, only to impress the room with his extraordinary piano-playing skills later. This scene proved to us that not only is Raj handsome and charming but musically gifted as well! 3
  4. Saying ‘No’ to Simran’s Wedding When Simran invites Raj to attend her wedding, Raj looks at her and goes, “Main nahin aaunga.” This scene gave us so many feels! All we can say is Raj declining the invitation managed to break more than one heart! 4
  5. Coming Back for the Dulhania When Raj comes to win back his lady love, all of us couldn’t help but awww at his gesture! Nothing can get more romantic than a man waiting with his arms wide open in a field of yellow flowers! Swoon! 5
  6. Aao Aao Aao Raj clearly knows how to impress people! This amazing scene when Raj joins Amrish Puri on his morning ritual of feeding pigeons! Featuring the classic line ‘Aao aao aao’ and Raj’s appearance in a dhoti, this scene is heartwarming and funny at the same time. Best way to get in somebody’s good shoes, don’t you think? 6
  7. Train Scene DDLJ has become synonymous with the end scene of the movie! From the fight at the train station to Amrish Puri telling Simran to live her life and to Simran and Raj finally getting together, the movie’s climax had us on the edge of our seats! And we confess that this ending made us weep too! 7

For all those who have loved this epic saga as much as we have, these moments will definitely bring back pleasant memories! To relive some of your favourite DDLJ moments, explore Bewakoof and Yash Raj Films’ ‘King Khan’ collection!