Haven’t had a bath? 9 places in India for the best water sports

Haven’t had a bath? 9 places in India for the best water sports The perfect sport for summer. Water sports. The only way to beat the heat. You’d think of a European country for some good adrenaline pumping water sport? Nah!! Why waste your money when you can do it in India. Yes, this country never fails to surprise you. Who would have thought of hardcore adventurous water sports in India?
  1. The Andamans Snorkeling, parasailing and undersea walking to name a few. The Andamans Islands are the perfect gateway regardless of any season. These islands have it all. The breath taking view from the resorts make you want to stay forever. We can, but then we all have jobs now!
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  2. Himachal Pradesh The rivers of the great Himalaya’s make Himachal Pradesh the perfect gateway for river rafting. Strong currents and majestic waterfalls can give you an adventure of a lifetime. Not to forget kayaking too.
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  3. Manglore This pleasant little city in Karnataka has a surfing club. Yes, a surfing club approved by the Government. The surfing club held its 1st event last month. Jhonty Rhodes was there too! Surfing the waves Jhonty style eh?
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  4. Tarkarli Our very own state too has a water sport destination called Tarkarli. Scuba diving and Parasailing are the attractions of Tarkarli. Oh! Even dolphin spotting. So now you know where to look for dolphins.
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  5. Goa Goa! Goa! The country’s alcohol capital. But that’s not what this state is all about. Name any water sport and they have it. Just name any.
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  6. Pondicherry Ever heard of backwater sailing? Well this tiny French influenced city has it all. From surfing to canoeing. Need a French kiss from the sea? Pondicherry it is.
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  7. Kerala Fancy a lungi dance on the water of God’s own state? Kerala, a state famous for its spices can provide you heart thumping water sports. Parasailing and catamaran rides to name a few. Also the soulful and quaint backwaters.
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  8. Lakshadweep Rich for its historical heritage, Lakshadweep is the best option for water sports. The heritage and the major water adventurous activities go hand in hand.
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  9. Uttaranchal Cuddled in the Himalayas, Uttaranchal is perfect for river rafting. It has been called as “Heaven’s Garden” by many explorers. Just imagine. Drowning in the rivers of heaven.
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