Have You Risked It? 7 Hair Disaster Stories That Will Make You Give Up On Hair Dyes!

“It’s just hair. It will grow back!”

That’s what most people with disastrous haircut or hair dye stories get to hear and for obvious reasons they want to punch those people right in the face when they say so.

Whether it’s a bleach job gone bad, a color mix up or having your stylist run out on you mid-dye, sometimes dreams of changing your looks can turn into nightmares.

So, here are 7 hair disasters that will make you feel a tad bit better about your bad-hair day.
  1. “I once tried to dye my hair a sort of brown with a hint of red. My mom didn’t mix it up correctly and it turned out exactly the same color as my Pomeranian dog.” – Facebook user Melinda Gray
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  2. “One time my hairdresser got into a fight with her boyfriend while the dye was still soaking into my hair. She stormed out of the salon and didn’t come back for 45 minutes. Another stylist went to get her, and she came back wasted with the glass from the bar still in her hand. Needless to say, I didn’t like my dye job” – Lila Corby
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  3. “I had black hair and of course, wanted blonde. My friend agreed to bleach it and ‘suddenly had to leave’ halfway through the process. My boyfriend had to pick up where she left off and then ran out of dye. I had to plead with the ladies at Sally’s to let me into their store after hours to get more (while they shuddered in horror). My hair literally turned cartoon yellow, and because I was in nursing school at the time, hats, scarves and bandanas were forbidden. The girl next to me in this picture had blonde hair. Sadly, I did not.” - Elise Dickey
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  4. “A friend once dyed my hair purple with a (very) semi-permanent color. We went to the beach shortly after she did it. I stupidly went into the ocean, and when I came out, not only had the color all come out, it came out all over my skin. It looked like a crime scene.” - Jamie
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  5. “I dyed my hair burgundy and all my hair fell out. #CollegeDreams” – Chanel Parks
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  6. “I attempted to change my hair from medium gold blonde to a medium brown. The result was black bits with small sections of bright red. It was a mess.” – Andya
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  7. “A few months ago I wanted pretty auburn highlights in my brown hair. The streaks of red I got are indeed found in nature, but on tropical birds.” – Stefania
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Feeling better already?