Have You Ever Tried These 9 Amazing Funfetti Recipes?

Let’s make one thing very clear – sprinkles aren’t just for kids. They also aren’t just for birthday cakes or ice-cream sundaes or sugar cookies you make occasionally.

Sprinkles are tiny bites of happiness that have the power to transform your not-so-okay day to a spectacular day in no time!

Let’s get you tempted to get your hands on these 9 amazing funfetti recipes:

  1. Funfetti Oreo And Sprinkles Chocolate Chip Cookies – An Oreo cookie encased in chocolate chip cookie encased in sprinkles. It doesn’t get any better!
    Source - themondaybox.com Source - themondaybox.com
  1. Funfetti Icebox Cake – Can you ever have too many sprinkles? NO! Look no further than this funfetti icebox cake.
    Source - www.howsweeteats.com Source - www.howsweeteats.com
  1. Funfetti Cake Batter Milkshake – Why settle for a regular milkshake when you can make a cake batter milkshake? Or better yet, a funfetti cake batter milkshake? This drink is just as delicious as it sounds.
    Source - www.abeautifulmess.com Source - www.abeautifulmess.com
  1. Funfetti BiscottiTea time, or any time, really just got way more fun. This recipe proves you that sprinkles can and should be added to EVERYTHING!
    Source - mynameisyeh.com Source - mynameisyeh.com
  1. Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes – Why mess with perfection? Learn how to make this homemade funfetti cupcake infused with sprinkles, vanilla and love. Lots of love!
    Source - www.isthisreallymylife.com Source - www.isthisreallymylife.com
  1. Chocolate ganache Funfetti Sandwich Cookies – The only thing better than one funfetti cookie is two funfetti cookies. Held together by chocolate ganache frostings.
    Source - www.halfbakedharvest.com Source - www.halfbakedharvest.com
  1. Funfetti Cookie And Cream Fudge – Cookie and cream fudge with a smattering of sprinkles. Ah! Life is sweet. Oh, and the best part? It only takes 10 minutes to whip up this yummy treat.
    Source - www.bustle.com Source - www.bustle.com
  1. Funfetti Nutella Marshmallow Bars – When there’s Nutella involved, you know you’re in for a good time. Add marshmallows and sprinkles into the mix and prepare to have your mind blown.
    Source - lovelace-media.imgix.net Source - lovelace-media.imgix.net
  1. Funfetti Donuts – Create bit-size pieces of sprinkle heaven with all these funfetti donut holes.
    Source - neuroticbaker.com Source - neuroticbaker.com

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